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Oh dear, I’ve gone and fallen in love with yoga.

When I first moved out to California, I viewed people who do yoga as being rather silly people. Every yoga class I've ever been to has been both really irritating to me, in large part because every teacher I've ever had insisted on spiritualizing it in a way that couldn't just be ignored. I also was never very good at it, and many of the classes I've attended have been too large for me to actually get a chance to ask questions about what I'm doing wrong. And so, when I joined a gym out here that

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A State of the Union reaction from a disillusioned progressive.

There is absolutely no doubt that I am a progressive. I voted for Obama in 2012, the first year I voted in a presidential election. In high school, I identified as a communist, and even considered joining a group of hymn-writing musicians who lived in a black bus that ran on veggie diesel. I am in favor of universal healthcare, a guaranteed income, workers owning their work, and several other things that are downright socialist. 185

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I think the recent Sherlock episode should have been called “What the actual fuck?”

...because that's literally all I could keep saying the entire episode. By now I'm hoping you've figured out that if you haven't seen the most recent episode, His Last Vow, that there will be unmarked spoilers in this entire post. You've been warned.  This entire Sherlock episode seemed to be aimed at turning fans every which way, and making us scratch our heads as much as we possibly could. "What do you mean Sherlock's on heroin? What do you mean he's done this before? He's got a girlfriend

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Lots more fan goodies in Sherlock The Sign of Three

If you haven't seen the new Sherlock episode The Sign of Three, assume everything in this entire post is spoilers.  I feel like this week's episode of Sherlock really continued a trend that I, for one, am a fan of: humanizing Sherlock. The entire show seemed to be jam packed with really good moments, all of which showed that Sherlock is starting to 'get the hang' of hanging around with people. We also learned some interesting things about him and his past, including the fact that he's a

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Bill Nye is going to debate Ken Ham?!?

Two days ago, Answers in Genesis, the organization that runs the  Creation Museum, put out a press rele announcing that Creation Museum Founder and President Ken Ham will be debating Bill Nye the Science Guy on February 4th at the Creation Museum.  Oh boy, oh boy. This is going to be fun! For those of you who don't know, the Creation Museum is a 'museum' in Kentucky that aims to show the origins of the earth as told in the Bible. Because I can't make it sound anymore ridiculous than their

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If you haven't seen the movie Her yet, and are planning on doing so, be aware this post contains unmarked spoilers. You've been warned.  Brett and I decided to do dinner and a movie last night. It was a kind of impromptu thing. I was feeling like sushi (I'm always feeling like sushi), so we decided to go over to Blue C for a quick dinner before going to see Her, the new Spike Jonze movie. Blue C was just as wonderful as last time, and pretty much every table was filled, which makes me happy

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Mark Gatiss just trolled the everliving shit out of Sherlock Fans

If you haven't seen the new Sherlock episode "The Empty Hearse" then assume everything here is basically spoilers.  I'll admit something: I actually forgot that the new episode of Sherlock was coming out today. I'm not sure how I forgot, but I did. I was reminded by seeing a Sherlockology Facebook post saying that the new episode was available on BBC iPlayer (thankfully before Facebook turned into a wall of spoilers, so I was able to avoid all of them). I immediately headed over to my

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