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Planned Parenthood

I Stand with Planned Parenthood

It's hard to be a woman in America. It's like every day is a million little paper cuts, then just when you've gotten used to them, someone comes along with a chef's knife and goes to town. Days like today... they're the chef's knife. I don't know why this particular one has hit me so hard, but at one point Brett had to turn the news off, because I was crying hysterically and shouting at the TV. 420

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Oh dear, I’ve gone and fallen in love with yoga.

When I first moved out to California, I viewed people who do yoga as being rather silly people. Every yoga class I've ever been to has been both really irritating to me, in large part because every teacher I've ever had insisted on spiritualizing it in a way that couldn't just be ignored. I also was never very good at it, and many of the classes I've attended have been too large for me to actually get a chance to ask questions about what I'm doing wrong. And so, when I joined a gym out here that

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Emily Chance

Emily Chance

Don't mind me, I'm just over here reveling in big city life.

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