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Darth Vader

Disneyland Holiday Decorations

On December 3rd, Ellen and I went to Disneyland because we wanted to see the decorations during the holiday season. I took a few videos, and some photos. Here are the two videos, and a few of the photos. I'll probably get pictures that Ellen get and add a gallery of those.

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Christmas Music.

Christmas Music

Every year, somewhere around Thanksgiving, I make a "Christmas Music" playlist that becomes my playlist for the season. It changes a lot, songs get added and removed, but for the most part there's a few songs that stay on it the whole time. It's all I listen to from the day I make it until a few days after Christmas. I dance to it when I'm walking around, and do this strange wiggle in my chair when I'm sitting down. The funny thing is, I used to hate Christmas music. Absolutely hate it. When

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Emily Chance

Emily Chance

Don't mind me, I'm just over here reveling in big city life.

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