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Disneyland Holiday Decorations

On December 3rd, Ellen and I went to Disneyland because we wanted to see the decorations during the holiday season. I took a few videos, and some photos. Here are the two videos. 


It's a Small World was actually pretty cool for Christmas. The whole thing was a medley of the song It's A Small World, and various well-known Christmas songs. I have to say, normally I don't like It's a Small World at all, because the song is super-annoying, and it's kind of campy. The Christmas version, however, was totally worth riding. 


The first time I went to Disney with Ellen and Brett, we got to see something called Jedi Training, but we only caught the last bit of it. The next time we went, when Jeff was here, we didn't get to see it at all, because it was canceled and they just did a photo session with the characters. This time, however, we made it for the beginning of Jedi training, and consequently got to see this part that we've never seen before. It was so cool that I ended up going back for the next Jedi training an hour later so that I could get a video of this. 

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