Lots more fan goodies in Sherlock The Sign of Three

If you haven't seen the new Sherlock episode The Sign of Three, assume everything in this entire post is spoilers. 

I feel like this week's episode of Sherlock really continued a trend that I, for one, am a fan of: humanizing Sherlock. 

The entire show seemed to be jam packed with really good moments, all of which showed that Sherlock is starting to 'get the hang' of hanging around with people. We also learned some interesting things about him and his past, including the fact that he's a graduate chemist (something that's stated outright in the books, but never more than implied by the BBC show). And of course, there were some amazing moments for other characters too, and by that I mean Mycroft in those track pants!!! Did anyone else absolutely guffaw? 

The opening scene, I think, was a bit predictable. I'm sure it was intended, but I knew long before they got to it, that Sherlock was going to interrupt Lestrade's arrest with a question about how to write a wedding toast. At this point, that's classic Sherlock. I'm starting to wonder, though, why the hell people don't just call him before they go dashing off to Baker St.? At this point, you'd have thought they would have learned. On the other hand, after that bear hug from last week, I feel like the rest of that scene, had it played out, would have consisted of Lestrade sitting down at the table shaking his head, and helping him without saying so much as a word... other than to call off the helicopter blowing the curtains all over the place, of course. 


So let's go through some of the best moments. 

I think the moment with Sherlock and the kid was hilarious. We sort of get to see that Sherlock hasn't really grown up, just gotten more intelligent. He also mentions this at the end when he tells John that John will do great with a baby because "He's had lots of practice." I think Sherlock also likes the kid because the kid is intelligent, and doesn't take "because adults like it" as an excuse to do silly things. I also loved that the kid had curly hair. I'm sure they were trying to conjure thoughts of "mini-Sherlock." And it certainly succeeded. 

As I mentioned before, Mycroft running was by far my favorite hilarious moment. On the other hand, is anyone else starting to feel like we're going to be seeing far more of Mycroft, but liking him far less? Mycroft before was proud and aloof, but still seemed to be the more human of the two. Now, we're starting to see that it's really the other way around. Sherlock's eccentricity was a distraction from Mycroft's distance, but in reality, he's the kinder of the two. Mycroft just does a better job of keeping it to himself. On a side note, Mark Gatiss has an absolutely amazing backside. Who knew?

The scene where John asked Sherlock to be best man was downright touching. I almost teared up a bit, because you realize that just last episode Sherlock saved John from a burning pile of wood, and yet he still doesn't realize how much he means to John. And god damn Martin Freeman, and the look on his face when he paused before saying "Of course you are." There was enough emotion there for a lifetime. 

I think the part that surprised me most was when I realized that they were letting Sherlock plan most of the wedding, or at least help. Of course, in retrospect, it's obvious. Sherlock would be an amazing wedding planner. All that attention to detail must lend itself well to planning a wedding. That said, it was that point where I began to get a bit suspicious of Mary... I feel like they're trying too hard to get us to like her. And, that she's taken too quickly to Sherlock. It is cute, on the surface, that she understands that he's fragile and needs John as much as John needs her, and so she's going to have to work around it. But I feel like there's more to it. I was in the boat with those who assumed that Sherlock's assessment of her as a liar was due to her having told John that she liked the mustache, but now I'm not so sure. Also, I can't decide if I think that she's able to manipulate Sherlock because she's intelligent, or if it's because she understands human nature better. I'm starting to lean towards the first. Of course, I also wouldn't be shocked if it turned out that Sherlock was on to her game all along. 

This episode was also packed with more fandom-pleasing moments. We got to see the hair ruffle again, and from straight on this time. Considering that these were shot and finished well before the first episode aired, we are clearly the most predictable fandom in the history of fandoms. We also got to see what it looks like when Sherlock "flirts," or at least what passed for flirting, with the maid of honor. I think I watched him tell her "down girl" at least... 17 times. Or so. Of course, there was also that brief moment when John leans forward to steady himself on Sherlock's knee, and then we all got to sit there, wondering if they were going to actually give all those fans of John and Sherlock together what they've really been wanting. Alas, sorry girls, all we got was John asking, "Am I a pretty lady?" in a voice that was far more pleading than it should have been. 

And then, there's The Woman, in Sherlock's head. Do I need to say any more?

I have to say, all-in-all I liked this episode a good deal, but for different reasons. There was a lot more of a plot to it, but we still kept the trend of giving more exposition on the backstories of the characters. I can't wait to see what they've got for us next week. 

  • I hope it wasn't any trouble!
  • Curly hair, interesting in murders... Minilock, anyone?
  • This speaks for itself.
  • How would tea with an eyeball in it taste anyways? I mean, that one looked kind of fresh, so maybe it wouldn't really even impart any flavor?
  • Of course Sherlock helped plan the wedding.
  • HAIR RUFFLE!!!!!!
  • "Down girl." Something tells me this girl wasn't even really acting. I mean... I would not have been.
  • Leaving early.

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