Runyon Panorama 3

Saturday Hike in Runyon Canyon

Brett and I went for a hike in Runyon Canyon on Saturday, and took a bunch of photos. 

We've lived near Runyon for over a year, but for some reason we've never actually gone hiking there. On Saturday afternoon, I got back from the gym and we decided to head up for a hike. 

We went up the right side of the canyon, and then came back down the easy slope on the left. Altogether it took us probably 45 minutes to an hour, and was a ton of fun. On our way back, we also noticed that they have donation yoga classes in the grassy area at the front of the park. I stopped in and tried one of the classes yesterday, and it was pretty awesome! 

  • Runyon Canyon Panorama
  • Los Angeles Skyline from Runyon Canyon
  • Right Side of Runyon Canyon
  • Left side of Runyon Canyon
  • Looking down the center of Runyon Canyon

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