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Yes, All Men

I've been ruminating about writing this post for a week or so, but I was never able to cement the ideas floating around in my head until this morning, when I had a discussion with Brett about the exact problem I'm hoping to address here. In the aftermath of the Santa Barbara shooting, there's been a huge outpouring of women telling stories about the violence, harassment and humiliation that they've endured, just for being women. All of this has centered around the #YesAllWomen hashtag on

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A middle road between mental health and misogyny

Two days ago, May 23rd 2014, an insane person and student at University of California at Santa Barbara killed seven people on the UCSB campus before being killed himself. The murderer, identified as Elliot Rodger, had posted a video online not long before his shooting spree in which he announced his "Day of Retribution." Retribution for what, you may ask? Well, for all those "blonde sluts" who never slept with him. In the days following this event, we're going to hear a lot of things from the

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